The set up for AbilityTasks is mostly same as Gameplay Tasks

  • Create static “factory” function
  • Override Activate
UKotAbilityTask_WaitForOverlap* UKotAbilityTask_WaitForOverlap::KotWaitForOverlap(UGameplayAbility* OwningAbility)
	auto* Task = NewAbilityTask<UKotAbilityTask_WaitForOverlap>(OwningAbility);
	return Task;
void UKotAbilityTask_WaitForOverlap::Activate()
	if (UPrimitiveComponent* PrimComponent = GetComponent())
		PrimComponent->OnComponentBeginOverlap.AddDynamic(this, &ThisClass::BeginOverlap);

Handling delegates

  • If you bind any Delegates in the ability task you can override OnDestroy for cleaning them up.
  • Before you broadcast any delegates from the ability task, check ShouldBroadcastAbilityTaskDelegates()

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