If you need further parametrization of EQS queries beyond what is builtin, you can access the parts of an EQS query directly in code.

This method is a bit hacky, but can be useful:

//Prepare an EQS query instance
TSharedPtr<FEnvQueryInstance> QueryInst = Manager->PrepareQueryInstance(SomeQuery, EEnvQueryRunMode::SingleResult);
//Find a test you want to configure
UEnvQueryTest_WeaponLOS* LOSTest = Cast<UEnvQueryTest_WeaponLOS>(QueryInst->Options[0].Tests[0]);
//Configure some property on the test for parametrizing
LOSTest->AttackTag = FGameplayTag::EmptyTag;

This logic can be wrapped into a subclass of EnvQueryInstanceBlueprintWrapper to allow usage from BP’s if needed.